Rachel Lorraine

R Bragg

We met in Ecuador two years ago serving in missions and ever since this friendship has stayed connected. Our lives grow vastly different but are always able to collide and pick back up. 

We hopped in the car on a chilly spring day in Austin, TX and I remember Rachel saying, “all I need to do is put mascara on and maybe a braid in my hair?” I thought to myself, "what the actual heck? thats it?"....this gal has always been such a natural beauty with an effortless posture towards “getting ready.” 

Rachel embodies just that. An effortless beauty, fun and full of life. Free-spirited yet nurturing and we talked forever about ketosis. She gives Margot Robbie vibes too. 

I loved being able to capture her spirit and all the magnolia-esque vibes on this chilly April day. We couldn’t have planned a better last minute adventure for this graduating senior. 

Praise God & congrats on graduating college, sister. Praise God for what better things lie ahead! 

With my Upmost Joy,

Becca Matimba

Rene M

Strong, delicate, and fierce. This west coast beauty traveled to the South and found her mark here for six years. A story always unfolding…it’s been six years at this destination and now she is headed back for the midwest.

This farewell session was the grandest adventure to end the year. It was golden hour on a Sunday after sitting in traffic for what felt like forever and here we are in the cool south, tx air and the frisbee tossed to and fro from climbers enjoying their day with their pup. I’d call it a perfect day because every second seemed just right. We did almost step on a golden doodle's poo in the crevice of the rock but dodged that bullet.

Rene means born again. Indeed, she is. Strong, because she fights for the one she loves and the broken and hurting. A counseling soul and heart after her Savior. Delicate, because beauty comes in many forms and this heart has experienced wounds and pains but He’s working it all for her good. Fierce, because through life’s storms, valleys, and deserts she has risen from the ashes out of each pit and turn and trusted the One whom writes her story.

So, soar little birdie for in Him all things are possible.

Love you deep my sister and friend, Colorado is blessed to have you.

Eisley H.

Eisley Wanda, what a darlin' You got it from ya mama!

Welcome to the world, sweet girl. You've got spunk, tears, and the neediness of the little person you are. Thanks for doing your best and showing us what ya got! Such a joy. 

With my Upmost Joy,

Moniker & B


"The Friendliest State in The US"

Somewhere between the light between oceans and the smell of lobster every day lies Maine, US. A New English state with very old-timer decent. Cobblestone roads, brisk air, dog tags and the smell of the sea. Known for it's lobster and distilleries- this trip was a dream. I hiked, danced and took in everything my Savior has made in this quiet, normal pace of life. The homes were to die for too, thanks for the memories!


Bailey Beck

Bailey B

From the Brook, she traveled across the land to a city of stars. 

This natural beauty, it's almost unfair. She is moves with serenity as if you're watching old time musical. Three words, La La Land. You can't help but see a younger reflection of Emma Stone. Those strawberry locks flow with the golden sunlight and she radiates joy. She speaks with conviction and a passion for people, family and the outdoors. Lover of all things Jesus and coffee.

Thank you for this spontaneous ride, B, you are so fun and full of life. Excited this friendship was formed!


It's my joy to introduce,

Bailey Beck


With my Upmost Joy,


Moniker & B

Courtney Wood

Dweller By The Dark Stream

C'mon, Coco. Cue some Lana Del Rey and we've got a slow and sultry story brewing.

A striking creature, she is. I remember the first time, I met Courtney and it was like meeting an old friend. Our friendship felt organic and real. She is guarded and loyal to the bone with the most infectious laugh. Her spirit is filled with a fire and trust in Her Savior. She dances and sings to rap and all the up-beat tunes you can find. Generous, creative, and sassy. 

When I looked into the origin of Courtney's name, I discovered her name is far from what I was expecting, 'Courtney' - Dweller by the Dark Stream. A dweller indeed: mysterious and full of life and love. This lady is all things lovely and I'm thankful on this rainy murky day in March, we literally jumped into private lots, threw white roses in our hair and found the beauty in every dark stream. I'm freakin happy to introduce

Courtney Wood

Heather Lee


The sweet, sweet South. I feel like I must articulate this session differently. There is something striking about the way God formed Heather Lee. Pouring out a fluidity of compassion and knack for order, this gal offers more than meets the eye—from those to-die-for strawberry locks to her emerald eyes.

I gathered from our first introduction last April that Heather had this beautiful strength from within and a vibrance when she talks with others. She desires to know people deeply—a Southern girl at her core (El Paso, to be exact, with Georgian heritage) and the funniest movie-quoter of all time. Her first and middle name, Heather Lee, are both of English decent. “Heather” is a description of a plant and “Lee” simply means clearing.

Her life is constantly marked with clearing (and cleanliness, hehe) but it’s those open spaces that God has used in order to glorify Himself the most though her. She’s a nurturer with so much youthfulness intwined.

It was a sweet adventure creating the setting for this shoot and knowing we would be out in Hill Country of Texas on the hottest day of February. That’s Texas, ya’ll! Thank you, friend, for trusting me and this vision and making it come alive. Full of beauty, grace, and a radiant fire within, introducing

Heather Lee

Kiley M.


Compassionate. Goofy. Serene.

Known to many as, “Kie, Kiley, Kiles, K-Money,” maybe not the last one but you get the point. Like taking a sip of water, that’s just the nature of this gal. Refreshing, easy-going with a lot of flow. The start of this adventure almost seemed too good to be true and it was just two gals and the beauty of nature before our eyes. The water crashing loudly drew us to it’s currents and a luscious tree that stole our gaze. A child-like and undeniably captivating presence, her heart is after the Lord.

With an Australian native name that means, boomerang. Seemed best fitting, because whatever life throws at her, she seems to  spring back into her Creator’s arms. A balance of playful and lovely. She works with her hands and is soulful to the bone.

Introducing my sister and friend…

Kiley Mitchell


Barbara E.

Foreign Traveler

Heat, Texas, it was December ya’ll. A planned day where nothing went as planned. No A/C, windows down, and the best jams a couple of rowdy friends could ask for. At least our aux worked, can I get an, “amen!”? We’re sisters, best friends, driving the open roads for the mountaintop. Isn’t it funny how an adventure begins nothing like you’d expect and only Lord knows how it’ll end.

She’s “Liz” to almost everyone. But she was called, Barbara Elizabeth –Foreign traveler, Oath of God. Always fully present and walking in love. Barbara E. is loyal, clothed in humor, grace and serenity. An affinity for the darker things but as laid back as it gets. A rock-solid confidence, that makes her a divine witness for the Lord, justice, and unity.

That hot Wednesday in December was an adventure of trust, laughter and cactus needles. And she’d do it all over again.


Barbara Elizabeth


With My Upmost Joy,

Moniker & B

Audrey C

Noble strength

On a Thursday evening, fighting the sunset, long day, and plenty of Chick-fil-a, took this young fearless rider on an adventure. The liveliness in this girl is contagious, she has a radiance about her. A caring, free-spirited soul and lover of all things horses.

Beautiful inside and out.

Introducing, Audrey Chandler.


With My Upmost Joy,

Moniker & B