Rene M

Strong, delicate, and fierce. This west coast beauty traveled to the South and found her mark here for six years. A story always unfolding…it’s been six years at this destination and now she is headed back for the midwest.

This farewell session was the grandest adventure to end the year. It was golden hour on a Sunday after sitting in traffic for what felt like forever and here we are in the cool south, tx air and the frisbee tossed to and fro from climbers enjoying their day with their pup. I’d call it a perfect day because every second seemed just right. We did almost step on a golden doodle's poo in the crevice of the rock but dodged that bullet.

Rene means born again. Indeed, she is. Strong, because she fights for the one she loves and the broken and hurting. A counseling soul and heart after her Savior. Delicate, because beauty comes in many forms and this heart has experienced wounds and pains but He’s working it all for her good. Fierce, because through life’s storms, valleys, and deserts she has risen from the ashes out of each pit and turn and trusted the One whom writes her story.

So, soar little birdie for in Him all things are possible.

Love you deep my sister and friend, Colorado is blessed to have you.