Barbara E.

Foreign Traveler

Heat, Texas, it was December ya’ll. A planned day where nothing went as planned. No A/C, windows down, and the best jams a couple of rowdy friends could ask for. At least our aux worked, can I get an, “amen!”? We’re sisters, best friends, driving the open roads for the mountaintop. Isn’t it funny how an adventure begins nothing like you’d expect and only Lord knows how it’ll end.

She’s “Liz” to almost everyone. But she was called, Barbara Elizabeth –Foreign traveler, Oath of God. Always fully present and walking in love. Barbara E. is loyal, clothed in humor, grace and serenity. An affinity for the darker things but as laid back as it gets. A rock-solid confidence, that makes her a divine witness for the Lord, justice, and unity.

That hot Wednesday in December was an adventure of trust, laughter and cactus needles. And she’d do it all over again.


Barbara Elizabeth


With My Upmost Joy,

Moniker & B