Heather Lee


The sweet, sweet South. I feel like I must articulate this session differently. There is something striking about the way God formed Heather Lee. Pouring out a fluidity of compassion and knack for order, this gal offers more than meets the eye—from those to-die-for strawberry locks to her emerald eyes.

I gathered from our first introduction last April that Heather had this beautiful strength from within and a vibrance when she talks with others. She desires to know people deeply—a Southern girl at her core (El Paso, to be exact, with Georgian heritage) and the funniest movie-quoter of all time. Her first and middle name, Heather Lee, are both of English decent. “Heather” is a description of a plant and “Lee” simply means clearing.

Her life is constantly marked with clearing (and cleanliness, hehe) but it’s those open spaces that God has used in order to glorify Himself the most though her. She’s a nurturer with so much youthfulness intwined.

It was a sweet adventure creating the setting for this shoot and knowing we would be out in Hill Country of Texas on the hottest day of February. That’s Texas, ya’ll! Thank you, friend, for trusting me and this vision and making it come alive. Full of beauty, grace, and a radiant fire within, introducing

Heather Lee