Kiley M.


Compassionate. Goofy. Serene.

Known to many as, “Kie, Kiley, Kiles, K-Money,” maybe not the last one but you get the point. Like taking a sip of water, that’s just the nature of this gal. Refreshing, easy-going with a lot of flow. The start of this adventure almost seemed too good to be true and it was just two gals and the beauty of nature before our eyes. The water crashing loudly drew us to it’s currents and a luscious tree that stole our gaze. A child-like and undeniably captivating presence, her heart is after the Lord.

With an Australian native name that means, boomerang. Seemed best fitting, because whatever life throws at her, she seems to  spring back into her Creator’s arms. A balance of playful and lovely. She works with her hands and is soulful to the bone.

Introducing my sister and friend…

Kiley Mitchell