Rachel Lorraine

R Bragg

We met in Ecuador two years ago serving in missions and ever since this friendship has stayed connected. Our lives grow vastly different but are always able to collide and pick back up. 

We hopped in the car on a chilly spring day in Austin, TX and I remember Rachel saying, “all I need to do is put mascara on and maybe a braid in my hair?” I thought to myself, "what the actual heck? thats it?"....this gal has always been such a natural beauty with an effortless posture towards “getting ready.” 

Rachel embodies just that. An effortless beauty, fun and full of life. Free-spirited yet nurturing and we talked forever about ketosis. She gives Margot Robbie vibes too. 

I loved being able to capture her spirit and all the magnolia-esque vibes on this chilly April day. We couldn’t have planned a better last minute adventure for this graduating senior. 

Praise God & congrats on graduating college, sister. Praise God for what better things lie ahead! 

With my Upmost Joy,

Becca Matimba